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New Year, New Art Challenge

October 26, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s Art Everyday Challenge for the month of November – AGAIN!

I can’t wait. It was such a fascinating challenge last year as I was doing fulltime work at a clients office (40 hrs a week), completing another project with a different client (5 hours a week), and coaching my transition clients (5 hrs a week). And trying to do art. Everyday. It’s like NANORIMO, but you can use a lot fewer words. 🙂

Blank slate time.

I’m looking forward to this. No comparing to last year. Just learning what to do again, and what to iterate on.

Want to join me? Sign-up here and find out more.

Come on. Let’s see what we can create!

Butterfly seashell

Opening Up to Possibility

All photos are the property of Sylvia Taylor and can’t be used without written permission. All Rights Reserved 2011.


Day 24: Painting with light

November 24, 2010 Leave a comment

Day 24/30: Simple, clear, focused.

Sometimes things just make sense. I love this photograph because it’s simple, has one clear subject (the cloud) and its the focus of attention. At least that was my intention.

Call me a cloud freak. It’s ok. I can take it…

Cloud painting

Cloud painting?

Can you?

Taken with a Samsung Vibrant mobile phone. That date should read 11/24… oh well, Happy Early Thanksgiving!

Day 4: Cloud painting

November 4, 2010 Leave a comment

Mother Nature is an amazing artist. I can learn a lot from her…

Mother Nature's Air Guitar

Mother Nature's Air Guitar

Perhaps we can all take a cue. Art is all around us.

We just have to look up once in a while.