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Art Every Day Month (AEDM) Nov 2, 2011

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s a little late, but this little pumpkin just made me smile. We focus so much on the scary things about Halloween that I couldn’t help but want to add a bit of a smile. Candy. Orange, smiley, candy. A happy, bright, Day 2 of Art Every Day (would it be too much to add a smiley? :)).

Halloween Happiness

Halloween Happiness

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Day 26: Recycled art

November 26, 2010 Leave a comment

Day 26/30: I am proud to recycle art.

I’ve done several paintings recently over old canvases. I was tired of the piece, or it was unfinished, or I was just uninspired. That’s what I love about paint on canvas though, it can get recovered and recovered until it’s a mountain of pigment… until you wondered what it started out as in the first place.

That’s what happened with this piece. It started out as… I don’t remember. Then I covered it with puffy paint and lots of words and symbols that inspired me. Then, after a few months, I wasn’t inspired anymore. It just looked like a mess.

So, I cleaned up (in a sense) the mess by recycling the canvas yet again and covering it with more paint!

I have had these rolling green hills in my mind. When I lived in the beautiful United Kingdom, my work commute for a few months was a 20 minute walk through some rolling hills. I said morning greetings to the fox, the rabbit, the sheep and the crows. I was wondering if I lived in a Beatrix Potter book.

These hills remind me of my commute. These hills remind me of the beautiful place I once lived. And really how much I still miss it…

Recycled art

Recycled art as Rolling Hills

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be inspired by this piece, but we’ll see… it could be recycled into something else…

Day 20: You can’t fail at art

November 20, 2010 1 comment

Day 20 of 30 and I think I’ve had a mini-breakthrough.

As you can see, there have not been any posts since Day 15. I’ve done art. I have created, but I resisted posting since I wasn’t ready to show it to the world/internet/my friends. Which also meant that I wasn’t sharing… what I was really processing was my complete dislike of blogging. I don’t want to fill the time or space around me with words describing my thoughts, my actions or my intentions. I just want to DO it. Not record it…

My intention: to create. To be creative. To be curious about the process. To try to new tools. To play.

Somehow I got it in my head that I had to do it “right“. “Right” looked like blogging after every post, because that’s what people do… but I’m people. And I don’t. I don’t enjoy the process. I think I have to come up with something brilliant and insightful. When really – it’s just me in my sweats, looking grubby and going with my intuition about what gets put on canvas/photographed.

I don’t really want to write about the process. I just want to DO it.

You can’t fail at art.

I have learned my lesson. I’m not going to blog after this post (yay!). I’m just going to put the art up. Or I won’t. There’s no right way, there’s just a way, and for this experiment, it’s my way. (Yay again!)

Thanks for your support.

Day 7 continued

November 7, 2010 1 comment

I couldn’t let the day go with just one piece…

I had too much fun experimenting with water color (not). I had a hard time getting the colors I wanted as I have become really used to acrylic paint and the way the color mixes together. Water color – not my favorite. Perhaps it takes vision I don’t have, or the right paper, or, something… perhaps patience?

Dahlia watercolor

Watercolor Dahlia

I’m going to try a bigger piece of paper and do more design, color pairing and see where it leads. Again, my intention is to go with the flow, experiment and play. My tendency with creative, artistic endeavors has been to ‘get it right’, or make it perfect, when really, it’s not about that. It’s about revealing what’s there… sometimes its crap. And sometimes its good. And some times its GREAT.

Here’s to more GREAT.

What’s your favorite medium? What have you created lately?

Using Your Whole Brain: Intuition

August 29, 2009 Leave a comment

The other day I was speaking with a client who was overwhelmed with some  big decisions. She was a manager of a small team that was going to be absorbed into a larger team. She was told she would keep her team, but that she shouldn’t tell them what was going on until it was officially announced. Her intellect said she should wait for the official announcement. Her gut said, ‘Tell your people. Keep your relationships intact. You know they don’t do well when surprised.’ At the same time she wanted to do what was asked of her.

“At the center of the unconscious is instinct. At the center of the conscious is intellect. At the center of the superconscious is intuition.” – Osho, Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic

Why we tend to disregard our intuition so easily? Is it because our intellect is telling us not to trust our gut? Are we relying too heavily on numbers, and linear thinking? That’s what we were trained to do, so it’s no wonder. Yet, when we over-think we wind up being influenced by a combination of:

  1. Fear
  2. Worry
  3. Self-doubt (sounds like an inner critic)
  4. Pressure (from ourselves or others)
  5. Overreliance on others
  6. Overreliance on linear thinking
  7. Overreliance on number crunching

What’s so bad about that you might say? Well, essentially we aren’t using our whole brain, especially when we don’t listen to or learn to trust our own intuition! Intuition isn’t about seeing into the future, it’s about seeing into the present. When we use our whole brain (that includes our intuition) we take our thinking beyond regular linear-logic capabilities. We are using our ‘gut’.

How to do a Gut-Check

My favorite way to do a ‘gut check’ is as follows:

  1. Put my hand on my stomach.
  2. Put my feet on the floor and ground myself.
  3. Close my eyes and clear my head.
  4.  Breathe three deep breathes, exhaling and inhaling deeply. (Not only does this help create a slower heart rate, it gets you in tune with your gut.) 
  5. I ask myself this question: How do I really feel? Then I wait for the answer.

This is how I think from my middle, especially when my head (the top ) is getting in the way. I can guarantee if we start listening more often to our gut, our intuition, we’ll be more in the NOW, and therefore more in the KNOW. We’ll be using the whole brain (and all of it’s power)!

My client did end up making her final decision by gut-feel, to the relief of her small team. They were able to be very proactive to make sure the accounts were in order and they were prepared when the announcement was made officially. Her relationship with her team was strengthened AND she was praised from upper management for such a smooth transition.

How do you ‘Gut Check’?