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Art Every Day Month (AEDM) Nov 1, 2011

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment
Heart Leaves and Ruby

Heart Leaves and Ruby

I love Autumn in Seattle. I love the motion in this photo. The falling of the leaves, the shifting of the season, the air. Things are getting slower, colder, and more delicate.

Heart leaves close up

Heart leaves close up


Day 3: New tools

November 3, 2010 Leave a comment

I’m not sure if it’s getting harder to do the art, or to do the blogging. It’s only day 3…

I am beginning to believe there is more of an art to blogging than I thought (and I’m not very good at it). Like anything creative (including problem solving), there are tools. I’m learning how to use some new ones (wordpress – how on earth do I add my own blogroll and get rid of those weird random posts by other people at the bottom of my posts?).

One new tool that’s right up my photographic alley is this fun little thing called Shape Collage. You add your photos and it puts them into a shape, or a word, or a symbol, or whatever. I played around with the free version and some of my favorite nature shots I took last spring.  What I discovered is, like most things FR*EE, you get what you pay for:

My nature photography in the shape of a heart.

I Heart Nature

So naturally, like many free online tools, in order to get rid of that lovely watermark, I would have to purchase the whole program. I’m not sure I am fully committed to this particular art tool, or this tool as a way to influence my art. I need to play some more… and that’s what art is for me: a big part is exploration, play, going where things lead.

And perhaps I just want to keep with the heart theme I seem to have going on this week. Hey – you can ask my 6th grade elementary teacher, I can be determined. We had a writing assignment every week for 3 months. Stories mostly, about whatever we wanted, to demonstrate all that we were learning. Every single story I wrote had a horse in it. For 3 months. Even a sci-fi story.

So – Heart Art? For 7 days? Piece of cake.

❤ This is going to be fun (but probably with fewer collages).